Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyors

Many tasks of our daily Land Surveying and Mapping work are regulated by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying, which we proudly are in good standing as a company and as having three Texas RPLS working full time on many projects, and for sure ALL of the work under this tab is regulated by the TBPLS as stated.

Why choose TTSM?

Our mission is to continually be at the forefront of Surveying and Mapping, we want to be the leaders in inovating new methods as well as sharpening the current methods used today.

Surveying and Mapping

Highly skilled at work with elements of geometry, trigonometry, regression analysis, physics, engineering, metrology, programming languages and the law.

  • Projects Completed 95%
  • New Projects 50%
  • Satisfied Customers 100%

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