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Trans Texas Surveying and Mapping, LLC

Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyors

Many tasks of our daily Land Surveying and Mapping work are regulated by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying, which we proudly are in good standing as a company and as having two Texas RPLS (Registered Professional Land Surveyors) working full time to meet your specific needs.

Why choose TTSM?

Our mission is to continually be at the forefront of Surveying and Mapping, we want to be the leaders in inovating new methods as well as sharpening the current methods used today.

Surveying and Mapping

Highly skilled at work with elements of Texas boundary law, geometry, trigonometry, data collection, robotics, GPS, subdivisions, layouts, quality control, and timely management of human and workplace resources.

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About Us

Trans Texas Surveying and Mapping, LLC

TTSM is the most innovative Texas Boundary Surveying and Mapping company located in Johnson County. Our Business is providing Professional Services involved in Land Surveying and Mapping from the water to the skies. Diverse to our fellow Land Surveyors who specialize in one aspect of land Surveying or mapping or one geographic area, we are as our name implies, all over the State of Texas meeting our Client needs.

Our success is based on our highly skilled personnel and our awesome Clients as when you do business with us you realize we have a “Client First Mentality.” It is our Goal that all of your experiences with our company are valuable, worthwhile, and you think of us, regarding your present or future needs for our vast array of professional services. Our competition is Yesterday!

Trans Texas Surveying and Mapping, LLC
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TTSM is the culmination of Robert L. Young’s records from two decades of work combined with what used to be Dumas Land Surveying. Erik Dumas RPLS, sold his company in 2012, as Erik is with another firm in Fort Worth since that time. In the early days of TTSM, we were really lucky that three of the key people from Dumas Land Surveying stayed. Jeremy Williamson RPLS, Laura Pzencik Platting Coordinator, and Angie Ray, Office Manager and deed researcher.

We pride ourselves in Boundary Surveys and call ourselves “Johnson County Boundary Specialists.” In addition to Boundary Surveys and Easements, we offer 3D mapping of break lines and mass points collected with total station, Robot, terrestrial laser scanner, aerial Laser scanner, and aerial high res aerial photography that is Survey Grade georeferenced.

We are very proud to have the on-going relationship with Childress Engineering located in Cleburne as they have really been a fantastic client. We use the most current computers and software in our office and the most efficient and reliable gear in the field to measure any evidence found on a boundary, or set out grade stakes on a construction site.

Being a successful surveying company is never easy, and we have thrived and will continue as we are staffed with professionals and strive to be the most value for your dollar when it comes to our services. TTSM embraces and thrives on a philosophy of customer-focused professional services. Service is what we provide and always on the timeline we promise. We under Promise and Over Deliver, as that has been one of many ways we put your needs first as a TTSM client.

Feel free to contact me personally with any ideas or input as to how we can better serve your needs.


Robert L. Young

President – Trans Texas Surveying and Mapping, LLC.

“We are Believers”

Services We Offer

  • Boundary & Easements
  • Platting / Subdivisions
  • Construction Staking
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Volume Calculations
  • Commercial / Residential
  • Engineering Support
  • Pipeline & Utility Surveys
  • Oil and Gas Leases